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In Store Bakery

Fornetti as the most known bakery brand in Middle Europe also in Poland opened in 2017 the creative bakery „ISB – Concept”. ISB means In Store Bakery. The core of this project is that the shop’s owner receive fully build and equipped Mini- Bakery which has Fornetti shop furniture, standard for all Europe, ovens and freezer necessary to hold bakery products as well as the know how knowledge and necessary support .

ISB Concept guarantee for the shop owner fully build & equipped bakery corner professionally prepared by Aryzta as well as full offer of frozen bakery products. The main core of this project is ability to bake frozen products in the shop any time in special designed ovens, which are specially designed by Fornetti. Product catalogues contains breads, bread rolls, as well as any other gorgeous bakery products as garlic baguette or strawberry fantasy. The main part of this project are Fornetti Mini products, which are sold depending on weight.

This is extremely advances conception, which give very attractive benefits for the shop owner as fulfilment of the local bakery offer for the clients. In each shops where we implemented this concept, we observed the higher sells of bakery products. Product in Fornetti concept have always the same quality, this builds up client’s loyalty. Other advantage of this concept is that there is no need to bother about daily fresh bread orders from local bakery, if shop missing some bread like products they can simply bake it by themselves in the shop.

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Day by day almost 1 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
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In 2004 Fornetti founded the foundation named Fornetti for Cardiomyophatic Children, a non-profit organisation supporting the healing of children in various forms.