History of the company


Fornetti entered the Cyprus market in cooperation with KIK Trading Ltd. 


In January 2017 the year started with a wage increase. Fornetti increased the salaries of its employees with an amount being significantly higher than the statutory amount: each employee earned a gross amount of 96 thousand Forints more in 2017 than in the previous year.


In March 2017 the products of Fornetti could be introduced for the German market at Internorga, one of Europe’s leading trade show for catering and foodservice.


In March, 2017, on the occasion of our 20th birthday we invited the staff members of the NoSalty, the country’s leading gastro-magazine together with bloggers to the FFB store at Ferenciek Square in Budapest for a visit combined with product demonstration and -tasting.


In May 2017 Fornetti launched a talent management program. We are going to actively aid the SOS Children’s Villages in 2017 as well: after having donated almost 1.146 million Forints last year we continue to provide free advertising space on our packages to the donation line of the organisation, but in addition to that, this year we are going to support the talent promotion of children living at foster parents as well.


From June 2017 Balthas Klein is the new manager of the Fornetti Group. The expert has been working in the employment of the international group with Hungarian roots ever since the change of ownership in 2015 – when Fornetti has become a member of the Arzyta global bakery group –, although he has already had a key role in the management of the company as a managing director being responsible for issues of strategic importance.



In July, 2017 a new FFB-store was opened at Oktogon Square in Budapest in the spirit of quality and diversity. The store is awaiting customers with its extended product range being in line with the most up-to-date, internationalised trends, with a renewed, youthful image and a self-service system. Soon enough new exhibition bakeries are going to open both in the capital and in the country; Fornetti also intends to introduce this particular kind of store on the foreign markets Fornetti has penetrated with its products in several new countries over the course of the past two years.



In August 2017, the gastro-bloggers of Városi Konyha City Kitchen), Kreatív Séf (Creative Chef) and Breakfast Lover Lili prepared BakeFitt-based sandwich recipes with the help of Fornetti. Italian kind bresaola baguette, sandwiches with Teriyaki chicken or with thyme and ricotta and peach –they showed that a sandwich may be a lot more than the combination of a slice of ham and a slice of cheese. In their mouth-watering receipts, besides the fantastic range of flavours, there is one more common thing for sure, which is the fact that they are all based on the BakeFitt baguettes with their reduced carbo-hydrate content.


In September, 2017 we celebrated the 20th birthday of Fornetti with our business partners by throwing a huge party. 2017 is a special year for Fornetti, as the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence this year. The birthday event in September with the invented name of Fly Fornetti was the worthy crowning of a successful two-decade run. The organisers of the event with almost 650 participants have really outdone themselves, as they did manage to conduct an extraordinary event in all respects.



In October, 2017 more than 1200 participants celebrated the 20th birthday of the company at the Fornetti Family Day. On the 1st of October the sports airport in Jakabszállás hosted the Fornetti Family Day, which offered all-day sports- and recreational programmes and game shows, including the extremely popular panoramic flight for the Hungarian employees of the company and their family members.


Fornetti was awarded several international awards in November, 2017 for increasing energy efficiency and for the excellent managerial work that has been carried out. At the World Sustainability Congress event organised in Dubai, Fornetti was awarded the „Excellence in Sustainability Innovation” prize in recognition of its efforts towards sustainable operation. At the congress rewarding numerous global companies and the managers thereof Attila Bánhidi, the managing director and the commercial and marketing director of the Fornetti Group, the commercial director of Aryzta AG CEE was granted the „Sustainable Professional of the Year for Innovative Business Model” recognition.

In November, 2017 the first FFB-store abroad was opened in Timisoara.



We opened 2016 with receiving a prominent award. The Franchise Association selected Fornetti “Franchise Network of the Year 2015”.

In April 2016 the first Fornetti Food and Beverage show bakery opened with self-service system, street food offer, private label drinks sweetened with stevia, low carb and low energy bakery goods all in line with the demands of conscious consumers.  

As of 1st May 2016 a general 10 % wage increase was introduced, and the first phase of the 600 million Euro development project launched by Aryzta was completed targeting the modernisation of production lines and the updating of logistics systems 

In June 2016 Sebastian Gooding was appointed CEO of Aryzta Central Eastern Europe, while Attila Bánhidi was appointed Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, and Balthas Kleint became regional project director.

In August 2016 the “Expert of the future” apprentice program was launched that received food industry technicians and food industry machinery technicians to join the organisation and learn the operations and processes of the different departments. 

September 2016 saw the first We love Kecskemét pop music festival organised to thank our devoted workers and their families for their efforts and hosted the citizens of Kecskemét in appreciation of their support.

In November 2016 we received yet other prominent awards. Two of our sales points have been awarded by a professional jury the SuperStore2016 award, in Franchise category our FFB store in Ferenciek tere Budapest, while a bakery corner established in a Coop convenience store in Szolnok was acknowledged in „Shop in shop” category. 

The year 2016 was closed with yet another successful event of cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages. During the campaign conducted in the last one and a half months of the year we provided space for promoting the SOS charity hot line on our paper bags and fund raised during this period was doubled by Fornetti and close to 3 million HUF was gathered and donated to SOS Children’s Villages.


The Swiss-Irish Aryzta AG bought Fornetti on 4th August 2015, which signifies a new chapter in the history of Hungary’s leading bakery company. After the agreement the new owner will aim to improve Fornetti and to build a Hungarian-rooted international company with an international reputation. 

Beside leadership and management experiences the new CEO Sebastian Gooding has also significant experience in the operation of the bakery product market. The founder and former owner József Palásti will continue to help the company as external consultant and brand ambassador.


The brand image research initiated in 2013 and summarised in the spring of 2014 proves that our customers expect us that the bakery is expected to earn our loyalty even via the appearance of the bakery. An ideal bakery, at least through the eyes of an ordinary customer should possess the following functions: aesthetic product placement, freshness, a diversity of product tastes, illumination, cleanliness, high-quality design elements, seasonal offers, constant quality, and fast service.

As a market leader distributer of bakery products and franchise-provider Fornetti Kft. has committee itself for maximal compliance with customers’ needs. The management, having contemplated and considered the above has arrived to the conclusion to implement design change despite taking over a considerable amount of financial burden, as it is an investment being the key of a secure and long-term success in the hands of the Fornetti family in this intensified, competitive situation from the aspect of customer loyalty and market development.


It was a year devoted to development. The intensive store renovation project continued. By the end of the year the stores using renewed images and new technologies exceeded 1500.

Very successful product launches occurred, which later on became significant and started to increase turnover. Such products were, for example, the olive croissant, or our gastro-like product, the hot-dog. From the beginning of the spring we were carrying on an intense discount sales policy. We had 2-3 new products in almost every month, and we placed all of them on the market with a 20% discount.

The private investment exceeding the amount of HUF 1 billion was finally implemented in the factory in Kiskunfélegyháza, which was inaugurated on June 7th by dr. Sándor Fazekas, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Dr. Sándor Fazekas praised the factory as being the biggest Hungarian investment of the year in food industry. He pointed out that the company expands the quantity of production with this investment in such a way that it simultaneously broadens assortment, thus at the same time improving product quality. Constituent parts of success include amalgamation of high-quality raw materials with professional know-how, which is combined with respect towards the customers – said the minister.

The investment established the technological background of being able to successfully close two years of research-development work, as a result of which those with a preference towards Fornetti may meet four new product lines in the stores: a bread manufactured without additives and preservatives using a special taste-leaven, a vegetable-bread sort of product in which 30-40% of the flour is substituted by fresh vegetables, products with seeds in compliance with the requirements of health-conscious customers (products with several kinds of seeds, with corn, German wheat, potato, etc.). Furthermore, in accordance with the opportunities provided by the characteristics of the products and by the applied technology, some traditional Fornetti-products are also going to contain the unique Tokaj-microflora.

We attended national festivals, successfully arranged the "Class Trip" game, and launched the "Prom" and "Tableau Contest", while advertising a game called "Fox Adventurer" for primary school students.

In the second half of 2013 we entrusted a well-known market-research company to conduct a comprehensive brand-image public opinion survey. The results of this survey justified the grounds of our ambitions concerning modernisation earmarked for the year 2014.


In spite of the uncertainty concerning the external economy, Fornetti Franchise, as a whole, performed well on the domestic market. Our newly introduced products: the pre-leavened breads, the hot-dog or the paninos, as a part of a successful programme, could increase our monthly sales by more than 100 tons.

New stores joined the “NEW ERA” programme, while a third of the already existing stores could each extend with 15-20% by introducing the new commodity groups and keeping them on the shelves. Stores that have been renewed both in their technology and their image produced an annual 10% growth in Hungary. Therefore the reconstruction concerning general quality issues, products and the market structure was successful. The quantity of products sold in 2012 was 18642 tons.

Besides strengthening the market, opening new stores and renovating existing ones and introducing new products, a major product- and technology-development programme has commenced. Research-development work also supported by tenders has borne its first fruit: Fornetti possesses a taste-leaven extracted from the stum of the Tokaj wine-region, which improves flour, enhances biting experience, preserves freshness and reduces friability. As opposed to almost 100% of the products manufactured with baker’s yeast, this substance results in a traditional product manufactured with leaven, enabling to revive the excellent traditions of the Hungarian baking industry and having regard to the importance of bread and bread-like products concerning the consumption habits in Hungary.

Participation in national festivals, launching the game named “Class Trip”.


The economic crisis – albeit to a lesser extent as compared to the average rate of recession of the industrial branch – has also had its impact on Fornetti. With our monthly sales and by consistently implementing the commenced process of store-renovation and modernisation we have succeeded to minimise the decline in turnover. Deterioration of market prospects as a result of the economic crisis was especially perceptible in the Balkan states.

We used the period of market stagnation for setting up a baking laboratory in which the types of stores operating in the network, together with the technical-technological equipment are incorporated. We have launched intensive training in our model-stores, within the framework of which not only our own associates, but also our franchise partners and the associates working in their stores received further vocational training.


By launching our “NEW ERA” programme we started the restructuring the stores of our franchise partners and to change their technical-technological equipment. We have installed new, computerised production tools in our furniture plant, thus enabling it to satisfy the increased demand for furniture. We have established a new designer branch, where entire store technologies are planned, which our technical-constructor base also increased in its stuff number can implement as a contractor based on the orders submitted by our franchise partners.

We have kept the market moving by introducing new products and continuous discount sale offers, thus compensating for the difficulties caused by the economic crisis.


Let the year begin well!
In 2009, our priority objective was to provide our franchise partners with products with which they can obtain new customers besides keeping the “old” ones.
Right at the beginning of the new year, we increased the individual weight of the XXL products by more than 15%, i.e. from 110 to 130 grams. Yet what was extremely important: the price remained the same!
In 2009, Fornetti announced an ambitious development programme entitled “NEW TIMES”. Within the framework of the “NEW TIMES” programme, each and every country’s Master Franchise would have to rebuild every store uniformly, within a comprehensive contextual, logistical and formal framework.
The reason for the dynamic development of Fornetti Franchise in spite of the recession is foresight. Ever since its foundation, the Fornetti Franchise has been characterized by low factor costs along with the co-operation of several partners with small equity capitals regulated by contractual stipulations. Those working within the franchise know exactly that customers may only be retained in difficult times by an even closer collaboration and continual development.
Fornetti show-cases in its own plant regarding sales premises and also comes up with the most practically configured furniture, which, after modular assembly, can be installed in every type and size of outlet. Fornetti helps its partners shape and furnish their outlets with its own designer team, while the marketing team helps prepare the business concept.
In the International Franchise Centre Fornetti operates an education centre, where its own and its franchise partners’ managers are being continually trained in the operation of new technologies. Similar education centres will be established at each and every Master Franchise company.


From May 19th, 2008 we started distributing a new, special product: Fornetti with Pumpkin Seeds.
Based on customer feedback and sales data, the new Fornetti product has become very popular amongst customers.
Taking on board this favourable reception, the price discount was extended until September 30th, 2008.
From June 1st, 2008 we tested Fornetti with Chocolate at 100 outlets. Based on the results of the four-month test, we decided to begin national distribution of the product from November 3rd, 2008.
Until December 31st, 2008 the discount franchise consumer price was maximum HUF 1290/kg. The introduction of the product during November and December was also supported by the media on two TV-channels for young people, namely VIVA and Jetix.


Motivated by the success of the “Taste and Intelligence” online cultural contest, we put forward a game, at the beginning of 2007, testing the knowledge of primary and secondary school students once more. Children playing with us had to answer curricular and general questions concerning culture, all adjusted to their age-group. At the end of the contest series, 20 players from each age-group, those scoring the most points, were invited to a personal test to Kecskemét, to the Katona József Grammar School. Their knowledge was rewarded with valuable prizes.

During the summer, Fornetti once again appeared at the biggest national festivals. Amongst the traditional “expatriations” were the Fish Soup Festival in Baja, the Flower Carnival in Debrecen, together with the “Hírös” (approx. “Famous”) Week Festival in Kecskemét. Once again, with such programmes attracting crowds of people we were able to reassure ourselves that our products are still popular and sought after.

Thus ended our award game organised for the tenth anniversary of Fornetti’s existence. Between September 1st, 2006 and June 30th, 2007 more than ten thousand prizes were drawn and won by customers. Our luckiest player was Éva Balassi, a customer from Budapest, who, besides a plasma TV also won the main prize, an apartment in Balatonlelle worth HUF ten million.

In September, 2007, a new sales project was launched: - “NO. 1 OFFER OF THE WEEK” - within our franchise network, in whose framework every two weeks we offered the same product in co-operation with all of our partners for one week with a 20% discount. Our first No. 1 offer of the week was cocoa snail. The sales equalled our expectations: three times more cocoa snails were sold, which indicated the future success of similar special offers.

From the very beginning, Fornetti has strived to subordinate all aspects to technological know-how and discipline best guaranteeing food safety. The application of a quality management system according to stipulations laid down in MSZ EN ISO 22000 serves this very purpose, alongside the IFS (International Food Standard), which was introduced for the first time in Hungary, and which predominates in Western-Europe.
Fornetti was amongst the first to act in the field of the baking industry to exclusively use “good” margarine, i.e. that is low in trans fatty acids. Of course, it required new production technology, yet still held onto identical taste values and product-consistency.
From October 2007, Fornetti products are no longer manufactured with margarine produced with hydrogenation.

From amounts gathered via the one percent income tax allowed for charities, almost one million HUF was collected to support the objectives of our FORNETTI FOR CARDIOMYOPHATHIC CHILDREN foundation! Nevertheless, our customers and sympathisers were not only thinking of unwell children while paying such taxes - the last time we looked in urns placed in more than one thousand of our outlets was at the beginning of June, and we came across another record: contributors had up to then supported the healing of sick children with almost ten million HUF!


We renewed and refreshed our image elements, beginning with the Fornetti Doll, which was almost 10 years old, so it was young again, happier and more energetic.

The summer of 2006 was that of public festivals for us: in July and August we participated in several festivals – for example: the Fish Soup Festival, the Swim across the Lake Balaton, the Flower Carnival – and we had on offer our freshly baked products, much to the delight of visitors.

In August, three completely automated production lines were installed in our plant in Kecskemét, which, individually, have a production capacity of 1 ton/hour. The result of this development was worth almost 3.5 million Euros, so there was a further improving of quality and a more uniform appearance. We launched a project - worth 1.2 million Euros - with the purpose of renewing our entire IT-system. Within the framework of this, and besides enterprise resource planning, our customer service and ordering-invoicing system was also continually being renewed, further facilitating and simplifying the process of being of service to our partners.

From September 1st , our renewed product line, named XXL Fornetti, was launched. The essence of the renewal here was that products would be manufactured with 10-15% bigger weight by piece; the procedure was an amalgamating of modern technology with the traditional leavening one, thereby giving products more volume and a higher taste value due to their being able to remain fresh for longer.

A game was announced in connection with the celebration of Fornetti’s 10th birthday also commenced on September 1st, within the framework of which our customers were every month rewarded with valuable prizes. Indeed, September 1st was a very busy day for us as our webpage was also updated on that day, both in its image and its contents.

In the Fornetti Altro store and showroom in Kunszállás we launched our Fornetti Pizza project, also offering door-to-door selling to customers besides on-the-spot consumption.

Continuing the charity initiative commenced in 2005, the FORNETTI FOR CARDIOMYOPHATHIC CHILDREN foundation donated an aggregate amount of approximately HUF 15 million to 14 institutes providing children’s health care.


On May 19th the manufacturing plant of Fornetti Pannon Kft. in Igal was inaugurated, being extended by a 3,000 m2 factory hall. The company played an important role in life of the area by providing employment to almost 200 employees from 20 nearby settlements. At the same time as this event, Fornetti Pannon Kft. was able to get a BVQI certificate relating to the existence of the IFS food safety system.

Franchise Europe (the central franchise magazine of the European Union) ranked the company 2nd amongst foodstuff-type franchise systems on its 2005 Top 500 list, which ranks franchise systems operating in more than 60 kinds of business branches according to the number of their partners. Moreover, as far as brand names known all around the world is concerned, Fornetti finished in 3rd place.
On September 1st, the first reference store was opened, in Kunszállás, where the furniture of the store was designed by and laid out by Fornetti.

On the occasion of an irregular press conference held on December 5th at the Kecskemét Hospital, five hospitals looking after sick children were presented with equipment purchased from the HUF 14 million accumulated from the FORNETTI FOR CARDIOMYOPHATHIC CHILDREN foundation’s collection, from Fornetti Kft. donations, and from the own funds of institutes receiving donations.


Our most liked products (hexagonal with bacon – express pizza) were re-designed, and we came up with new ideas for our fillings (mini-strudels with pieces of sour cherry, apricot and curd).

At the beginning of the year we announced a competition jointly with the Mai Nap newspaper, the winners of which (10 persons and their partners) won a 12-day, unforgettable journey to Egypt. Besides relaxing at the seaside, winners had a chance to visit Cairo and Luxor; they could also admire the stunning wildlife of the Red Sea.

We did not abandon our customers in the summer, of course. Within the framework of a photo-competition we asked people to take photographs of the most memorable moments of their holidays, ones associated with Fornetti. Participants were able to get valuable prizes.

In September, we introduced pre-leavened products - considered “revolutionary” novelties at the time - by reducing preparation times in outlets to 15 minutes; they need neither tempering, nor leavening, they make work in all outlets easier and give a more standardized quality.

On November 23rd we got a BVQI certificate - relating to the existence of the IFS food safety system – and also that of ISO 9001-2000 quality management system within the frames of a press conference held in Gundel Restaurant.

Development of a franchise system started in the Ukraine.


We created an automatic order placement system - supplemented by an SMS-receiving centre - with the help of which our partners could make their orders more simply.

With an investment of HUF 1.5 billion we extended and modernized our manufacturing unit in Kiskunfélegyháza, where we installed a tunnel drying oven - one with the biggest capacity in Hungary - which, assembled together with an automated production line, is capable of manufacturing 1 ton of ready- baked products in an hour.

We put pre-baked and ready-baked products onto the market: Croissants, Muffins and Pontino.

We announced a slogan-writing competition for our young customers (primary and secondary school students), as a result of which a number of witty offerings were submitted.

The first outlets of the franchise system operating outside Europe were opened in Kuwait.


The year 2002 began in a spirit of having a uniform image. Via this framework we renewed some of our advertising media, amongst others the T-shirt plastic bag, Open-Close and Pre-order plates, and price-tags.

 From May, Fornetti Expressz products appeared on the market, which, due to the technology requiring neither yeast nor leavening, reduced preparation times in outlets to 35 minutes. Thus, baking times needed for the first products to be made after any outlet opened became shorter; additionally, rapidly changing customer needs could be followed in a flexible way during the course of one day. By using these products, partners were able to save both time and money.

From May, bakery products extending the Fornetti product range, but – contrary to usual practices – sold by the piece, were continually being introduced.

Also from May, the new, digital turbo oven that had appeared in 2001 was becoming available to more and more partners due to pecuniary assistance won via the Széchenyi plan, thus contributing to a store technology that led to greater, more consistent quality.

From the beginning of autumn, products that can be purchased from the freezer counters of outlets and then baked at home - named Fingers Food - appeared.

We announced a drawing competition amongst primary school students on the occasion of Fornetti’s fifth birthday; children could enter this with drawings in connection with Fornetti and its activities. Another foreign country, Serbia, joined in the franchise system.


On May 1st, “Forno di Fornetti”, the digitally controlled vision oven developed by Fornetti itself was introduced. The quality of the products baked in the new oven was much better and consistent compared to ones made in former-type models.

The advantage of this new oven is that it requires less attention and operations are more automated - as after putting the product in and pushing a single button, the software takes care of everything (for example steaming) and when the time is up it indicates the end of the baking process.

The new summer product was Spitz with Seeds.

Within the framework of Vacation Sales we drew valuable prizes in kind amongst customers playing with us.

On August 17th, the Franchise Export Centre in Kecskemét, built with the support of the Economics Ministry and co-ordinating the work of 10 Fornetti Master Franchise companies - on an area of more than 4,000 m2 - was opened in a ceremony.


In the spirit of a uniform image, our transportation fleet, which at that time consisted of almost 60 vehicles, received a new design.

Having grown out of its merely regional capacity, the Fornetti Franchise developed into a business system operating at a national level, becoming the market leader and a recognized brand. Its products could be found in the food outlets of every notable settlement.

The number of franchisees in Hungary reached 1,200, which meant more than 1,500 baking locations and franchise agreements.

The system then extended further abroad: into the Czech Republic and in Romania. The Fornetti Franchise had more than 2,700 baking points in Eastern-Central Europe.

Fornetti Info, the information magazine aiming to get information to franchisees, was published.

A programme with the intention of creating tradition was organised for the first time on Children’s Day, within the framework of which we favoured our junior customers and had products baked on the spot - near the Városliget in Budapest and, also, all around the country.

Within the framework of the Fornetti Vacation sales, 10 lucky customers of ours and their partners won a 6-day journey to Paris and the Loir Valley, combined with a visit to Disneyland.


In January, “Product of the Month” began, within the framework of which a new product was on offer to customers.

In August, Girella found a place on the market, being special due to its being twisted in the production technology.

The Fornetti Franchise also appeared outside Hungary: in Slovakia, Poland and Croatia.


On January 1st, after getting the Franchise Master Licence, Fornetti Pannon Kft., with a registered office in Igal, was founded, and it is still operating the franchise for the biggest part of the Transdanubian region.

The first big factory of Fornetti was built in Kiskunfélegyháza.

In February, in order to expand the product range, products with chocolate, vanilla and apricot appeared on the market.


On March 1st, 1997, József Palásti, master baker, founded Fornetti Kft. as a family business.

The small-scale production of the frozen bakery products started in a refurbished townhouse in Kecskemét.

At that time the product range only consisted of cheese and crackling scones, which – contrary to usual practice – customers could buy not by the piece, but by the kilo.

Fornetti products were sold via a network of vision bakeries - things unheard of in Hungary at that time – and in a franchise system. The whole system was based on mobile baking units that were easy to set up and expand.

Day by day almost 1 million people consume the products of Fornetti. Adapting to the needs of our customers we place emphasis on the continuous renewal of our range of products.
The franchise system of Fornetti enables you to safely extend the product range of your existing store with a small investment, or to start a new, profitable business.
In 2004 Fornetti founded the foundation named Fornetti for Cardiomyophatic Children, a non-profit organisation supporting the healing of children in various forms.